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Vergüenza ajena



Qué falta de finezza cobrar por el RT. Ahnoquefinos reparte finezzas probono :D

jajajaja! que chanta!! xD

Malo el modelo de negocio ;) 

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$200 3D printer: It’s real, it’s cute and it’s raised $650k+ in 12 hours

Yo quiero una ;) es más barata que la de Raj & Wolowitz

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Jon Stewart and Matt Taibbi discuss the different treatment afforded to ‘street’ based drug users and white-collar criminals profiting from the drug trade.

Bueno, tampoco es raro que las grandes estafas tengan penas más suaves que el que se roba un pollo (hmmm, parece que aún estoy escuchando a mi profesor de historia… )

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from Singapore

No sé, algo siempre me ha dicho que debí ser arquitecto

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The times these characters were mentioned in the first book


Y uno se pregunta… Que manera de tener tiempo para estar analizando este tipo de cosas XD

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Le muestran la cámara y no quiere que la dejen fuera XD #selfies (en Alsacia 145)

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Y en esta me dejó participar XD #selfies (en Alsacia 145)

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A ella también le gustan las #selfies XD (en Alsacia 145)

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Tecnología móvil

¡Échale un vistazo a mi revista, Tecnología móvil , en Flipboard!

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La muñequita paseando…con tal que la lleven ella va a todas partes XD (en Stadio Italiano)

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THE TOWER OF JOY: An Adaptation
Jeff McComsey,

I was one of those guys. Never heard of A Song of Ice and Fire prior to watching season one of A Game of Thrones. I watched season one half a hundred times and decided that season two needed to start immediately. I bought the nice four book set an…

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space travel schedule. see more detail here:

thanks for looking.


get your work featured by submitting it to

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U.K. Town will build a driverless podcar system | SmartPlanet

Driverless cars are coming to one town in the United Kingdom faster than you might imagine.

Milton Keynes, a town of more than 200,000 people, announced that it will begin a pilot program for a transit system that uses driverless, electric podcars starting in 2015.

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